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Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that occurs when there is an absence or shortage of dietary carbohydrates (sources of glucose) consumed as the main energy source for the body. While in ketosis, the body shifts towards the use of fat as the primary energy source. The body increases the breakdown of fat into ketone bodies which are readily used by most tissues, including muscle and brain, as the main fuel.

Research Highlights

  • Ketosis is a normal physiological response during which the body utilizes fat to produce ketone bodies as the main fuel for the body, including muscle and brain.
  • Adapting to a ketogenic diet has been shown to have potential benefits for weight management, metabolic health, and physical and cognitive performance.
  • Ketogenic approaches have evolved over the past decade to include a broader variety of components including use of medium-chain triglycerides and exogenous ketones, as well as greater understanding of clinical monitoring.

What Is a Ketogenic Diet?

Low in carbs with moderate protein and high in fat, a ketogenic diet prompts the body to burn fat for energy rather than glucose, which leads to the production of ketone bodies—molecules that can be used as a source of fuel. A typical ketogenic diet consists of ~70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrates. Though this can vary slightly depending on the individual, this diet is specifically designed to induce nutritional ketosis. Increased ketones and the ketogenic diet can provide numerous health benefits.*

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